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"As an event provider, athlete safety is our number one priority. Squad Safe's training is world class"  - Legacy Cheer and Dance Ltd


With 8 years as a Welfare, Health and Safety Director for an EP, alongside her safeguarding knowledge, Joey has a strong understanding of the operations, staffing needs, risk management, pressures and demands of running a competition.

Who is this course for?

This is a bespoke course designed for your entire event staff to participate in together as a staff training day.


Course overview

The course not only supports your staff to identify and report any safeguarding concerns they may have at a competition, but also assists you as an EP owner in reinforcing your staff protocols, code of conduct and the expected behaviours that will make your event not only safe but improve customer service. 


Course features

Abuse within the competition event setting

What is Safeguarding and Child Protection?

What is abuse and the impact of abuse on the child?

Types of abuse (and what these might look like in a competition environment)

Signs of abuse (and how these might present in a competition environment)

Online and social media – how are you managing these at events

What to do if a child discloses abuse to you

Reporting and Barriers to reporting (both children and staff)

Recording information, Record Keeping and Data Sharing

Good and Poor Practice for staff

Your event company’s Code of Conduct / the relevant elements of your staff agreement as related to safeguarding

Creating an intentional culture at your events

Evaluating what you already do well and where you can improve

Next steps – actionable recommendations for your staff

Squad Safe works with the event provider on developing the bespoke elements for your company (aspects like your Code of Conduct and any other specific information that you would like covered within the context of the training)



The course can be delivered via Zoom or in-person. In respect of the Zoom course, you can choose to either have your staff together in one room with a TV screen, or staff can login from their own homes. The course has been delivered both ways with success.


The training has two formats: a 2 hour overview course, or a more in-depth 5hr version that includes participants receiving a CPD certificate recognised to global standards for Continued Professional Development (Safeguarding for Cheer, Dance and Gymnastics)



Cost is dependent on the number of staff attending the training, length/type of training you select and amount of additional bespoke elements you require. Please contact us for a quote. 

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