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Pre-recorded training packages

Squad Safe excited to announce a collaboration with streaming service Vidzing to offer coaches and gym owners all over the world the Squad Safe Safeguarding for Cheerleading course, whatever your time zone!

Safeguarding should be the number one priority for cheerleading coaches and gym owners everywhere, so rather than working with any specific country's legal framework, this course has been designed to promote global standards of best practice – That means wherever you are located, you can take away the information and immediately begin applying it with your programme



Across two 90 minute sessions the course will cover:

  • Abuse within the cheer gym setting

  • Types of abuse (and what these might look like in a cheer gym environment)

  • Signs of abuse (and how these might present in a cheer gym environment)

  • Risks associated with online and social media for cheer athletes and coaches

  • What to do if a child discloses abuse to you or you have a concern to report

  • Reporting and Barriers to reporting (for both children and adults)

  • Recording information and Record Keeping

  • Good and Poor Practice for coaches

  • Creating an intentional safeguarding culture in your cheer gym

As part of the package, you will also receive a bundle of 4 bitesize pre-recorded videos on relevant topics to get you and your staff thinking and spark conversation!


Please note: If your country’s national governing body requires you to receive a certificate as evidence of training, Squad Safe also offers a CPD certified version of this course. Course content is the same as the training available through Vidzing, however the certified version includes an assessment process for participants unavailable via the Vidzing platform


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