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Who is this course for?

"How to help your child stay safe online" is a live interactive talk, aimed at parents of athletes participating in Cheerleading, Dance and Gymnastics. Clubs or athlete parent groups can book the course as part of their offer for parents of the their teams.

Course overview

This interactive talk is aimed at helping parents think about how their children can use social media in a positive way, the potential risks involved and how to help their child build digital resilience to stay safe online. 

The course includes exploring athlete's digital footprints, how making certain choices online might make children more vulnerable, how to use privacy settings across various platforms, how to block, delete and report, and what to do if your child comes to you saying something has happened to them online. 



Via Zoom 


1 hour


Basic talk cost is £40 / $60. More bespoke elements can be added on request - quote available according to your needs


To book and arrange your talk CLICK HERE

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