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Total Gym Reset - the podcast

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

A few weeks ago I got to sit down and chat to the amazing Kimberly Ransom from Total Gym Reset about Cheerleading , starting a National Governing Body, how we can work to create intentional cultures in our gym that promote safety and inclusivity, impostor syndrome, the power of vulnerability and what happens when you ask for help!

The Total Gym Reset podcast is dedicated to the business of gym'ing! Join Kimberly Ransom every Monday and Thursday to discuss all things business as it relates to us as gym owners. Whether you're the owner of a gymnastics, cheerleading, Olympic weightlifting or other kind of membership-based gym, you're sure to find these conversations related to your current topics and issues. We'll cover everything from business trends, industry issues, money foundations, common member problems and troubleshooting and much more!

Bigger Than You with Joey Gamper Cuthbert

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