• Joey Gamper Cuthbert

Squad Safe shortlisted for the WomanWhoUK business awards!

Updated: 4 days ago

Squad Safe has been announced as a finalist in the business awards (in the startup category)!

"After years as a safeguarding officer for dance and cheerleading organisations, wishing someone would create child protection training and resources designed specifically to tackle the issues faced by cheerleading, dance and gymnastics, I finally stopped waiting and stepped up! Receiving recognition for this from outside of the sports sector is a real honour!" - Joey Gamper Cuthbert, founder and owner.

Now more than ever, coaches need high quality information, support and resources to deliver safe, inclusive, accessible activities; To create cultures in their gyms and studios that value welfare, safe practice and accountability, and where young people are prioritized over trophies and profit.

You can read more about Squad Safe's vision for athlete welfare in cheerleading, dance and gymnastics here:

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