Pirouette Class

Sport-specific safeguarding for cheerleading,

dance and gymnastics


Who is this course for?
This course is for coaches, dance teachers, staff and managers of gyms and studios that work with children and young people. 


Our training is designed for your gym or studio's entire staff to take together as a bespoke staff training day. However, recognising that not everyone has a staff, and many people operate as sole traders/instructors, Squad Safe also offers a number of days throughout the year for individuals to sign-up and attend.


Click here to find out about individual sign ups. 

Course overview

This course delivers sport-specific safeguarding training to your coaches and staff members, and helps you as a gym or studio owner, make your safeguarding policy a practical reality.

The 4.5 hour course is a facilitated group training and discussion session that will help your staff better understand how to implement your safeguarding policies. You will not only learn how to identify and report abuse, but also strategies to embed a culture that promotes an open and honest approach to the safeguarding of children and young people.

The course is accredited by the CPD Certification Service (www.cpduk.co.uk), meaning participants who successfully complete the course will receive a nationally recognised Continued Professional Development certificate in Safeguarding, compatible with global CPD requirements.

Course features

This course will cover...

•       Abuse within the gym / studio setting

•       What is Safeguarding and Child Protection?

•       Key lessons learnt from high profile cases

•       What is abuse?

•       What is the impact of abuse on the child?

•       Types of abuse (and what these might look like in a studio/gym environment)

•       Signs of abuse (and how these might present in a studio/gym environment)

•       Online and social media

•       What to do if a child discloses to you

•       Reporting

•       Barriers to reporting (both children and adults)

•       Recording information

•       Record Keeping

•       Data Sharing

•       Good and Poor Practice for coaches/teachers

•       Creating an intentional culture in your gym or studio

•       Evaluating what you already do well and where you can improve

•       Next steps for your gym/studio


Via Zoom or in-person 




Basic course cost is £350 / $490USA / $660AUS / €415 EUR per programme (up to 20 coaches*). More bespoke elements can be added on request - quote available according to your needs

For individual coach sign ups (as opposed to booking as a staff training day for your programme) 

£60 / $85USA / $115AUS / €52EUR per person

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* We recommend no more than 20 staff on the Zoom training in order for everyone to fully participate in discussions. If you have more, please contact us to discuss. We suggest all your coaches / teaching assistants / volunteers 16yrs+ participate.

Book this course by contacting Squad Safe to discuss your needs

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